I make mixed-media drawings, paintings, and sculptures based on quotidian structures – organic fractals, geometric patterns, or figures. I create stylized versions of these objects, divorcing them from their natural settings, treating them as frameworks rather than forms whose identity could be corrupted by manipulation. I set boundaries for myself within my work: a border the forms cannot cross or underlying layers to which the forms must respond. These parameters allow me to create a synthetic system imitating the way in which overall order emerges from individual chaotic parts in natural systems. My work acts as a record of the search for the moment during the interaction between order and chaos when complexity and equilibrium meet. While creating the piece, I vacillate between referencing the form itself and the memory of that form, believing that the dialogue between imagination and optics creates an image both tethered to reality and unbound from the strictly personal. Ideally, I aim to produce surfaces that act as a neutral zone which facilitates the emotional and mental projection of the observer.